You know what I haven’t updated in awhile???

Wow it’s been awhile. Preparing for school has taken the majority of my time these last several months. Finally I’m at the point where I can apply for programs at various schools. I turned in my application to Yakima Valley Community College and have an interview with them next month (fingers crossed). =). If all goes well I’ll be studying medical imaging in the town they refer to as “The Palm Springs of Washington.”

Yakima is only a few hours away, so if I’m accepted, I still plan on making frequent trips back and forth to visit family and friends and shoot the occasional misc photo assignments that I pick up. I’m really excited and hope I have a new area to explore. It’s nothing against Portland…I’m just anxious for a little change =).

I had the privilege of shooting Jeff and Amber’s wedding a couple months ago. It was fantastic! I love weddings in the pearl. The weather these last couple months has been painfully grey, but we lucked out big time and had enough of a break in the rain to shoot some photos outside in the city.

You can never predict the weather around here, so our plan for shooting the portraits was to take them indoors. Not an easy task in downtown Portland, but some phone calls to the hotels gave us some great indoor spots.

The ceremony took place at Urban Studio in the Pearl. Lots of windows which can be challenging to shoot, but they came out so well in the photos.

I’m really proud of this shot above. The father/daughter dance was quick. She was a little shy and didn’t dance with him too much, so he quickly grabbed her by the hand, twirled her, and dipped her. The look on both of their faces is so natural, it makes me smile every time I see it.

Yep, she got him with the cake. Her smirk is so great. =)

This was such a fun wedding to shoot. I’m super happy that I got to be a part of their wedding. So much fun, and such a great looking wedding. Well done Amber =)

Happy Easter everyone. I have big news regarding my camera gear that I’ll blog about next time. So stay tuned =)



~ by jeffrauch on April 24, 2011.

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