Starting from scratch!

Goodbye =(

Well, what began as a joke, turned into hours of research, followed by hours of crunching numbers, followed by even more hours of research proving to myself that I’m not insane. After all that, I made the decision to drop my beloved Nikon gear…and switch to Sony’s Alpha system.

Shocking, I know! I mean I’ve had Nikon gear for 10+ years, so this is a pretty drastic change for me. The decision started as a financial frustration. Nikon has gotten more expensive. Top-Shelf Sony gear retails (on average) for about 25% less than Nikon gear, and that got me thinking…”maybe I should switch to Sony.”

I don’t make huge decisions like this without thinking it through, researching, and hearing other opinions. I searched the internet for days reading about people both happy and unhappy with their Sony gear, and to my surprise most people were pretty pleased by the Alpha system. The majority of the negative information came from the uneducated Canon and Nikon shooters that believe Sony is only stealing a piece of the pie, and that Sony isn’t an innovative camera company like Nikon or Canon. That got me thinking…”What has Nikon or Canon come out with in the last five years that was innovative?” I can’t really think of anything…but I can name some impressive Sony stuff.

I ran the numbers and  came to the conclusion that selling off all my Nikon gear will leave me with enough money to replace it all with top-shelf Sony cameras and lenses. Having a month free from photography assignments, It was now or never.

Hello =)!


~ by jeffrauch on May 2, 2011.

2 Responses to “Starting from scratch!”

  1. hey Jeff! good to see ya back. was wondering what happened to you. the decision with the equipment must have been challenging. what a project – but with the results of all new stuff too. looking forward to some of your new work. click click 🙂

  2. Thanks Deneen, I’m glad that you continue to follow me =) I’ll post work from the new gear soon, so far, I’m very pleased.

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