Hi, My name is Jeff Rauch. This blog is my favorite way to update everyone with my most current work, thoughts, and strategies. I post my favorites from my recent shoots, and you’ll see alot of pictures of my family. My poor wife is often a victim of  my 2am strokes of genius. “Hey I have a great idea for a photo.” he he…I love her. My blog is very informal, it’s hard to judge personality from a portfolio website (of which I’m currently designing), so my hope is that my personality comes across is the blog. If you have twitter and or facebook, you can follow me, I don’t tweet too much…I’m not an annoying tweeter.

more about me…

Photography has been a big part of my life since I was about five. I feel fortunate that my peek interest in photography occurred just as film cameras started turning into digital cameras. Even though film is near extinct in the professional world, the great film shooters of our day approach photographs in such an efficient way. They make every shot count, and it shows in their work. The quality and compositions are (in my opinion) unmatched by our new generation of digital shooters. At the same time, digital photography has revolutionized the way we look at color and the way we manipulate the photograph. Both film and digital have so many wonderful qualities, qualities that I feel I incorporate into my own work.

I started out shooting with a film point and shoot camera. (I wanted a Polaroid, but to a five-year-old…Polaroid cameras were expensive). I wanted that instant gratification that the Polaroid cameras had to offer, but I eventually grew to enjoy the patience of getting your film developed. It’s like opening presents on Christmas day. I bought my first SLR camera while I was in middle school (a Canon T90 if I remember right). My first publication was in the Oregonian travel section in 1998. I used that camera all throughout middle school and high school. My high school didn’t offer any photography classes, so instead I took yearbook and read every photography book I could get my hands on. By junior year I was the yearbook photography editor. The position didn’t provide as much sex appeal as a varsity football quarterback, but I didn’t mind. I started shooting senior photos for my friends, and I’m happy to say, I even shot my own.

I attended Clark College during my senior year in high school and continued through after high school graduation. My photography took a big jump from this point. I learned black and white film processing, formal composition, and most important: proper art critiquing. I started shooting weddings to help pay for school. Clark produces an annual student art collection. In 2003, I had three photographs selected and published (the maximum amount), and I was hired as the photography editor for that publication.

I’ve since graduated from Clark College with a two-year degree. I currently work for Ritz Cameras as a sales associate and Ritz Camera University Instructor. I shoot photography freelance on the side. This allows me to have a steady income and pick and choose the side jobs that I want to take.

I currently live in Vancouver, Washington with my gorgeous wife and our “getsintoeverything” two-year-old.

I’ve been published in the Oregonian, Oregon Home Magazine, The Clark College Independent, and the Phoenix. I shot a book cover for Nita Countryman’s book of poetry “Origin of Bear,” shot promo shots for “The Neverclaim,” “How to Build a Fire,” J. Michael Salon, and Julia’s Bakery.


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