…on a serious note.

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Dad in Alaska after a hike


Dad passed away last week. It’s a difficult thing trying to re-group and get over the shock, but I’m doing my best. Dad was an adventurer. He loved the latest gadgets, especially if they were¬† somewhat obscure. His most prized electronics couldn’t be purchased at a best buy, they had to be ordered. He was kind of a “techno-hipster.” Dad loved watching movies next to a fire on the days that most people look out the window and sigh (due to all the falling rain). He was an avid bicyclist and competitive when it came to leading and passing other bikers. He loved golf, and as often as we played together, I never beat him…which I know he was proud of =).

Dad: in India next to a snake charmer...(me: taking the photo...no where near the poisonous snake)




Erich and Jaime’s Wedding

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Erich and Jaime’s wedding was so much fun! Ask anyone who was there and they’d say the same thing. The weather was perfect and the location provided some of the greatest backdrops that I’ve ever gotten the chance to photograph. Beautiful lush forest with pockets of light shinning though. Couldn’t have been better.

We shot the portraits before the ceremony, and we took a lot of them! Some goofy ones, some romantic ones, and your typical single-file line of wedding party ones as well. Jaime and Erich wanted alot of candid shots and even some “posed candid shots” that were hands down my favorite to shoot.

I really enjoyed shooting Erich and Jaime’s wedding. They are so great to be around and they both have such a unique personality that taking photos of them was very easy. I feel very privileged to be their wedding photographer and wish them the best.


...This was not my idea...but it makes me laugh every time I look at it.


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…another late night editing. I don’t know what it is, but for some odd reason, I can not edit photos during the day. I suppose it may be due to the constant distractions, the blinding light from the sun, or the plain fact that I’m just too busy during the day…I dunno. I’ve had days where I’ve gotten a few hours to myself (It’s very rare…but it happens), and as I turn on the TV to watch the mindless programming that is “daytime tv,” I’ve thought to myself…”You know I really should be doing something more productive right now…” But I don’t. Enough of my deep thoughts. On to more interesting news.

I haven’t blogged in awhile and I’m sure that you’re all curious why. So I’ve decided to provide many many excuses to justify my lack of blogging. For starters…

I’ve been editing my friends “Erich and Jamie’s wedding photos,” and I’ll post samples from their wedding in a few days, after the bride and groom get a chance to see them. They are finally finished…and they look great!

I did a senior shoot in P-Town today. I shot in some brand new locations that we discovered…so much fun! Can’t wait to start on those. This isn’t really a reason why I haven’t been blogging much…I’m just excited about the shoot and thought that I’d share.

I started school last Monday. One more quarter of A and P and I’ll be done!…with A and P that is. And if that weren’t enough…I’m getting over being sick. You know that bug that’s been going around…yeah that one, I had that.

This next week looks like a promising one for blogging though as I’ll have cool new stuff to post. Until then, here are some photos that I’ve shot recently for stock.


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I’m in the process of moving up from “windows vista” to the new and improved “windows 7.” I’ve fought it long enough…and if it weren’t for my countless hours of troubleshooting some device driver shenanigans, I’d probably still be using Vista. But alas, desperate times call for desperate measures..enter windows 7. Unfortunately it wasn’t an over-night upgrade. In fact it has taken me multiple days to reinstall my software and work up the motivation to get things back up and running. Well it’s finally done and I am back in full swing.

Lots of news to cover today. Some good…some bad. We’ll get the bad news out of the way first. (deep breathe)…

I was forced to sign a non-compete agreement with my employer (not just me, the entire company actually). Things we’ll begin to unfold in the next couple weeks, so I’m going to keep the details relatively low for now, but basically I am “not allowed” to “charge” for private one-on-one camera tutoring as of yesterday. This will only be in effect as long as I am employed by the company…which won’t be forever ;). And I do believe that the non-compete agreement restricts me from “charging money” for tutoring. I don’t recalling it say anything about “trade.” shrug, ūüėČ

So with that…The photoshop elements workshop is going to have to be put on hold for now. With that said, I’m still moving forward to put the workshop together and when I have everything ready to go, we’ll go from there. I have already found a location to host it, I need to get a bunch of computers to use and write up a lesson plan though, so I’ve got quite a bit of work ahead of me anyways.

Enough of the bad news though. On to the good. I was fortunate enough to shoot my friends “Erich and Jamie Dalke’s” wedding last weekend, and it was gorgeous! Once I have their photos complete, I’ll post a bunch. They look great!

I’m still working out details, but I will be shooting promotional photos for the band: “How to Build a Fire.” I’m really excited about that! Please check them out and become their friend on facebook!

And I’ve shot some promotional shots for the Vancouver Vineyard’s “coming soon” website.

More to come…

Dreams can be so weird…

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Image from the movie "vanilla sky"

Let me first start out by saying that I rarely have bad dreams…and of those bad dreams, they rarely wake me up…and of the ones that wake me up, I rarely remember anything that happened…Well last night was like winning the lottery in a bad way. So why am I blogging about my bad dream? Because it was all about photography work and the stress that is attached to it.

So I started out minding my own business running errands and completing chores…(this part of my dream was a bit hazy…but errands and chores seem like a pretty likely occurrence.) I picked up my phone to check my e-mail/facebook¬† and I notice that my assistant (for an upcoming wedding) was posting photos from that wedding that I’m supposed to be shooting photos at. “(insert swear word)…that can’t be today?” As it turned out, in dream land, it was today…and I was late. I looked again at what time my assistant posted the photos…4:30pm…”That’s ok, I needed to be there at 4:30 but I guess I’ll just be have to be alittle late…what time is it?”…6:30pm…”(insert swear word)!”

My photo gear was somehow already packed up, so I headed out towards the wedding as fast as I could. Traffic was stop and go. I pulled up to Fred Meyers, parked my car, and ran in to buy some batteries. I hurried up to the desk and asked the clerk for the last pack of Duracell AAs that were hanging on the rack. She looked up at them and told me that the pack was opened and only contained half the batteries. “That’s fine, then give me the pack of energizers behind it.” She gave me the same story about the energizers batteries being open and missing batteries…”I’ll take them both then.” I said. She insisted that I get a discount on the batteries and took off. “wait, I’m in a hurry!” I yelled, but it was too late, she had disappeared looking for another manager to give me my discount.

I picked up my phone. 8:45pm….Two things were going through my head. 1. Why hasn’t anybody called me??? 2. How the heck can it be 8:45pm already? The clerk was still not back yet. So I logged back on facebook. My assistant had posted more photos from the wedding. At this point I still had no idea that this was a dream, just the worst day of my life, but I began to see that things were weird: Like why don’t I have my assistants phone number? Why is Fred Meyers out of batteries? And why is there NO ONE in Fred Meyers? Literally NO ONE!

The clerk finally showed up with the manager and began trying ring me up…with a discount….but they couldn’t figure out the discount. I explained to them that i was in a hurry and that I would just pay full price. They took my money, and I took off for the exit. As I stepped outside, it began getting dark. “If I hurry, I might be able to make part of the reception.” I thought. I wandered around the parking lot…”Where is my car???” I ran around the parking lot for a long time but could not find it. Suddenly…*pop I wake up and find myself sweating and cold…at 2am in bed. Finally everything made sense. So I went back to sleep.

The Neverclaim…and Photoshop Workshop Info…

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Big news these last couple weeks! First off, “The Neverclaim” just released their brand new album “Quietdown” available from their label “Come&Live” or off their new website. I’ve known “The Neverclaim” for along time now, and it’s awesome seeing them take off as a band. Lots of tour date on their website, and last week they even opened for “Third Day” in Salem, Oregon.

I feel extremely privileged to be a part of their current promotions. I got to shoot the back cover (poor scan…I know) for their latest album and everything on their website from the live show to their individual band member photos. If you’ve got some time, check them out. They also have a facebook page, myspace, and twitter.

Other BIG NEWS!!!

I’m working on putting together a “Photoshop Elements 8” workshop. Now before you get too excited and e-mail me requesting the when and where…just know that I’m in the planning stages right now. So it’ll be a few months before I’ll be ready. But here’s the general idea:

If you’ve talked to me in the past and asked for my opinion on photo editing software to purchase, without fail I recommended photoshop elements. It’s that good. It’s pretty cheap and has almost unlimited potential. But you do have to learn alittle bit about the program to unlock that potential. So I think that I want a group of about 10 people for a hands-on (meaning that you’d need to bring a laptop) three-hour workshop.

Things that I want to cover: An overview of the different tools, art/color filters, black and white conversion, cropping, resizing, skin touch-up, red eye removal, panorama stitching,¬† restoration, layers, selections, custom borders, darkening/brightening, sharpening…and more.

I really want some feedback, so please send me an e-mail, or comment on this post with ideas, interest, and suggestions. Excited? Me too.

Stacy and Michael…

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Stacy came up to me about two month before the wedding started and told me that the wedding was going to be candle-lit. “ok” I said. She asked if I was still able to shoot it. =) smiling, I asked if I could use a flash. She told me I could, and then informed me that some photographers refuse to shoot candle-lit weddings. I had to laugh…”Of course I can still shoot it.” I said. This was the first that I’d heard of it, but if anyone out there knows someone that had a photographer turn down work due to candle-lighting…please send them my way. =)

The girls asked me if I was going to make them do the “picture where everyone jumps at the same time.” I promised them that I wouldn’t make any of the girls jump…I made the guys jump instead. It wasn’t preconceived, but given the location it just seemed like the right thing to do. The church had a great shipping and receiving platform that was shaded. We put the bride and groom on top, and to add attention to them, we had the guys jump and the girls point…gives it a “pyramid” effect.

This has to be one of my favorite shots of the girls. Yes, we took some of the traditional formal shots of the wedding party, but this one feels so much more natural. Posed-candid. They asked me what I wanted them to do…I think I told them to “relax and hang out.” That’s a hard thing to do when a guy has a camera in your face, but they quickly warmed up to the idea and I think it looks awesome.

The “first look” is always on the bride’s list of shots that they want.¬† It’s not an easy thing to get either. For one thing you have the bride coming down the isle, and (by default) your body does it’s best to keep you from turning 180 degrees around to look at the groom. But those of us that are able to point our cameras away from the bride for those brief couple of seconds are usually rewarded with a picture that nobody in the audience is able to get.

Michael and Stacy were so great in front of the camera which made my job so easy. They were open to just about any idea that I could think of for a photo too. This was all after the ceremony was over too.

The wedding was gorgeous and I’m glad that I was a part of it. So many great shots. =)